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Information and Guidance

The SUAIOIP staff is there to help you find all the information on questions of counselling, internships and professional integration.

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A tool for communication within the establishment, a device that deploys a multitude of services, the Portal is accessible everywhere (multimedia rooms, wi-fi areas, the student office, your home…), it provides targeted information and appropriate digital services.

Studyng at the ULCO

ULCO is a pluridisciplinary and multipolar establishment on a human scale, which proposes a three-cycle degree structure (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate). It offers its 11,000 students around one hundred recognised diplomas in the following fields : Law, Economics, Management ; Art, Literature, Languages ; Human and Social Science ; Science, Technology, Health (STAPS).
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1, place de l'Yser - BP 1022
59375 Dunkerque Cedex
Téléphone : +33 (0)3 28 23 73 73
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