Pedagogical Innovation Center (CIP)

Teaching at the higher level, a changing profession

University professors are facing new demands at the same time—at the course level (VAE, alternance, etc.), from the public that frequents university today through the effects of massification (diverse reasons, university codes and less control in student jobs, increase in number of work-study students, international opening in education…) and from institutions (quality approach, HCERES – High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education…).

This context generates changes in pedagogical practices: the emergence of activity-based methods, the introduction of education programs in terms of competences provided for students, new technology usage, the introduction of instruction evaluations by students, etc.

A structure assisting professors

The Pedagogical Innovation Center (CIP) is a development and pedagogical innovation support structure. It aims to enrich and diversify professor and research professor pedagogical practices as individuals or in a teaching staff context. The ultimate goal of this is to foster student success.


The CIP is committed to :

  • Supporting an innovative pedagogical dynamic within ULCO. Encouraging gatherings, exchanges, sharing of expertise and resources in pedagogical practices and challenges.
  • Informing and supporting professors on new pedagogical practices by offering conferences for awareness and training workshops.
  • Valuing professors’ and research professors’ pedagogical activity and their involvement in digital curriculum resources. Contributing to the recognition of educational investment.
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