Technological Platforms

Joint Center of Measurements (CCM)

  • Carries out research commissioned by other laboratories or businesses
  • Able to provide to businesses its know-how, equipment, and skills for the development of analyses, measurements, project pilots, prototypes, etc.

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Internal Team of the Mixed Technological Division – ULCO (UMT) – (Ministry of Agriculture)

  • Serves businesses in the aquatic products industry
  • Labeled an ITAI (Technical Agro-Industrial Institute)
  • Applied research
  • Initial and continuing education

Microscopy Platform (MEB)

  • Serves laboratories and businesses for the development of analyses and measurements (of environmental particles, biological samples, etc.)
  • Statistical data processing

Electronic Platform (PFE)

  • Provides laboratories and businesses with its skills (design of electronic circuit boards, simulation and prototyping, etc.)


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