The Federation of Universities and Institutions of Lille Nord de France (COMUE)

The Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale is a founding member of the COMUE of Lille Nord de France, which was established in January 2009.

The COMUE comprises five other universities in the region (University of Lille Campus 1, University of Lille Campus 2, University of Lille Campus 3, University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis, and Artois University), the École Centrale de Lille, and the École des Mines de Douai as founding members. With its 18 other associate members COMUE boasts 130,000 students; 4600 researchers and researching professors; 3000 doctoral students within its six schools devoted to doctoral studies; six certified Competitiveness Clusters; and countless centers of excellence, making it a major figure in teaching and research.

Moreover, the COMUE aims to ensure the implementation of a common policy to generate synergy amongst the following four domains: research and innovation, doctoral studies, lifelong learning, and international development.

Research and innovation

The constitution of the Federation of Universities and Institutions of Lille Nord de France has, as its overarching objective, the growth of scientific potential in the region which will lead to greater visibility and broaden international appeal.

The COMUE spearheads a mission of future-oriented thinking, information, and the overseeing of research programs and innovative projects. In other words, its mechanisms for cooperation were created to increase the region’s scientific potential. They have engendered joint engineering projects in response to national and European bid tenders, an acquisition policy of sharing heavy equipment, joint scientific literature, and a joint apparatus for the commercialization of research.

Doctoral schools

The COMUE observes the coordination and functioning of 6 schools devoted to doctoral studies. These doctoral schools promote educational development through doctoral research, scientific mentorship in terms of the doctoral thesis, and an interdisciplinary curriculum. Students’ multidisciplinary education is overseen by the Doctoral College of Lille Nord de France, their professional education by its Career Department, and their higher education by InterSup. Actions supporting openness and mobility on the international level are carried out by its Department of International Relations.

Lifelong Learning

The COMUE is becoming a place of dialogue, of the sharing of experiences, and a tool of cooperation for the provision of education and higher-level learning throughout the region. It works in tandem with the institutions it comprises to construct a regional network of education, to work towards regional coherence, most notably by proposing the shared authorization/recognition of master’s degrees, and to make itself better known on the international level. It strives also to develop innovative teaching methods, like the development of remote learning and the implementation of interdisciplinary modules of education, to facilitate students’ success and transition into professional life.

International Development

These three aforementioned mechanisms aim to improve the international visibility and knowledge of regional institutions. By implementing its specific measures, the COMUE contributes to the increased mobility of researchers and to the increased influence of its projects.


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