ULCO’s Strategic Initiative : Campus Littoral Côte d’Opale

In March 2010, l’Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale adopted its 10-year “Campus Littoral Côte d’Opale” strategic initiative. The initiative’s objective is to strengthen ULCO’s identity and uphold its pedagogical and scientific excellence by developing partnerships with regional governments, the economic world and student campus life. This strategy is made up of 3 components :

  • Uphold the institution’s pedagogical and scientific excellence around two pathways: Environment and Coastal Environment, and Industrial Environment and Energy
  • Develop its standing amongst economic and institutional actors
  • Reinforce the attractiveness of the site through the development of campus life

For ULCO, at the research level, this means focusing its resources and means on the two pathways of excellence, “Environment and Coastal Environment” and “Industrial Environment and Energy”, in order to augment its international reputation.

For the Environment and Coastal Environment pathway, ULCO wishes to develop a university center for national and international standing with strategic research axes such as the preservation of resources and marine coastal environment, and the sustainable use of resources, this will be the Campus of the Sea. After its creation, ULCO developed expertise in the industrial environment domain that led to the creation of the IRENI (Industrial Environment Research Unit), designed to effect concerted and cooperative research on air quality specifically in the maritime industrial zone in Dunkirk. The methane terminal installation project in the Dunkirk port also gave ULCO the opportunity to invest in a great research project and in the development of the cryogenic technology, INNOCOLD.

Simultaneously, with regards to formation, concerned with the success of its students and their integration into the professional world, ULCO developed a highly qualified pedagogical program that relies on the pathways of excellence and caters to the needs of socioeconomic actors. Its wish is to consolidate a vocational training offer that the university will complete with the recent creation of an internal engineering school with two fields: Industrial Engineering in Saint-Omer and Information Technology in Calais. All of this while actively pursuing its lifelong learning education policy. Seeing as employment includes entrepreneurship, ULCO will develop relevant courses in its entire curriculum.

A third axis of the strategy deals with the improvement of campus life including the development of student life and student initiatives through the construction of student housing, student centers and new cultural places in all university sites.
Through this new strategic positioning, ULCO affirms its commitment to expand its capacity and attract the best talent. This strategy, structured and concerted by the territories, fully adheres to the initiatives of the COMUE Lille Nord de France.

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