International students : your return to France after confinement

International students who have left France for their country of origin due to confinement and who are in possession of a valid visa / residence permit / receipt on the date of their return to France (including during any extension period), may return to French soil.

If the visa / residence permit / receipt expires before the date of return to France, the student must check with the French consulate in the country in which he or she is currently staying. It may be necessary to apply for a return visa or a new D visa.

For any international travel, the student must have his/her valid passport, visa / residence permit / receipt and a certificate of international travel : 

He/she must tick the first box of his/her certificate. It will be all the easier for him/her to cross the border if he/she can bring a justification for his/her travel (recovery of his/her accommodation, presentation at an exam etc…), with supporting documents if possible.

WARNING : on your return, you should not transit through another Schengen country.


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