Scientific Policy

ULCO’s scientific policy clearly appears as a lever to reinforce the institution’s identity and appeal through a strategy of reinforcement of its areas of excellence and differentiation by servicing a shared regional dynamic.

Research is structured according to 3 axes

  • Environment, littoral environment, sustainable development
  • Science and technology, health
  • Human and Social Sciences

The Environment multidisciplinary axis is defined as a priority in the institution’s strategy and through the means that are allocated to it. This axis, which is iconic to the institution, relies on the economic, harbor and industrial structures of ULCO sites.

The 14 research departments at ULCO are already largely a part of on-site dynamics: 6/11 are in a joint program with a university in Lille. Other belong either to a common LABEX (CAPPA : LPCA), are associated there (IRDIVE : LISIC), or participate in a research Federation (LMPA: Federation de Mathématiques, HLLI : MESHS).

The Research departments that are not a part of this dynamic yet are supported on their participation in regional structuring, through the organization of higher education in thematic and strategic networks and the implementation of a training map for the Master’s level.

In order to make our strategic project a reality and to establish our territorial specificity, multiple structuring operations have been implemented with the knowledge, protection, and valorization of maritime and littoral spaces in the English Channel – North Sea axis as the driving threads.

  • Campus de la Mer, Center for International Excellence on the Littoral and Marine Environment et littoral
  • INNOCOLD, innovation in applied cold
  • Labex CAPPA
  • IRENE, Research in the Environment

Research Organization at ULCO

In order to reinforce the necessary synergy for the activity and development of the laboratories, the laboratories are regrouped into research centers. The Research Centers have the function of ensuring :

  • The encouragement of research within the institution’s scientific policy
  • The representation of the Research Center before local and national bodies
  • Management of resource centers (documentation centers, large scientific equipment) and of Research Center Labs’ collective resources
  • The responsibility of IATS personnel assigned to the Research Center


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