Student success, our priority

Offering a quality formation and creation the proper condition for student success, that is ULCO’s policy.


In partnership with high schools/secondary schools in their training pool, ULCO guides the prospective student before university through conferences, forums, open houses/day, meetings with their parents and Immersion Days.

The students can apply to regional systems and benefit from individual follow-up within ULCO. This system is mainly aimed at scholarship students and graduates of technology baccalaureates. Along that line, elite athletes, employees and students with disabilities benefit from support enabling a successful university career.

Specific support exists for students having “strong potential” by the implementation of honors programs in collaboration with the economic base (CCI Côte d’Opale, MEDEF) and the labs at ULCO.


From the first year of university, individualized reception and support facilitate the integration of new students. It takes on different forms depending on the department: day or week of integration, pre-start of the academic year, refresher training courses in basic subjects and explanation of the methodology used by an upperclassman tutor.

From L1 to M2, the construction module for the Personal and Professional Project (PPP) allows you to create an individual project keeping in mind the labor market. Awareness of entrepreneurship is also expected during the five years.

Likewise, 50 hours of language lessons for non-specialists are offered each year in accordance with your language level. Finally, the referent professors guide you through your career by collaborating with university services. Mentorships allow students to be supported in their first year, perhaps even their second. New pedagogical approaches (project-based instruction and number-based educational platform) enable an individualized education.

ULCO offers its students a wide range of opportunities of on-campus and off-campus employment. In order to access the list of announcements and apply online, click on the following link :

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ULCO accompanies you through your learning path in foreign languages by providing different tools and devices for your success in both undergrad and graduate studies.


These are the LANguages for Specialists in Other Fields (LANgues pour Spécialistes d’Autres Disciplines). ULCO offers an hourly volume of class devoted to this, a placement test, and proficiency groups for better progression and successful professional integration after their bachelor’s and master’s.

In addition to your LV1, ULCO offers the choice of pursuing a second, perhaps even a third, language as an elective or an extra class. The following language courses can be taken at the end of the day in the Language Centers at Boulogne, Calais, and Dunkirk: Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Italian, and French as a Foreign Language (FLE).

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The Language Resource Center (Centre de Ressources en Langues) is both a physical location and virtual platform where you will be able to develop your learning and knowledge of a foreign language by using digital resources listed on CALAO (worked on each semester). Another tool at your disposal is the help of human resources, including tutors, reception monitors, and foreign language assistants, all of which are there to guide you along with teaching partners and the administrative and technical staff.

Conversation workshops, multilingual coffee chats, European Day of Languages, Printemps des Langues, and serious games are organized each year at our different locations.


The Higher Education Language Proficiency Certificate (Certificat de Compétences en Langues de l’Enseignement Supérieur) is offered each year at ULCO in English, German and Spanish at the B1 and B2 levels. The CLES is incorporated into L3 and M2. The CLES allows you to certify your foreign language proficiency for free, a real résumé booster!


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